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Skin Cancer Screening, Education and Prevention

Screening and early detection can help prevent skin cancers from growing out of control.  How often you have your skin checked to screen for cancer depends on many factors.  Your risk for getting a skin cancer, how many skin cancers you have had in the past, and how aggressive those cancer have been all increase the frequency that your skin should be checked out.  There are some exciting new advances on the horizon using image scans and artificial intelligence to help detect skin cancer.  All of the kinks haven’t been ironed out of this evolving technology, and the visual skin screening examination with a Dermatologist remains the best way to identify concerning lesions.  If the doctor finds something that needs to be looked at under the microscope for diagnosis, then they will talk to you about either taking a small biopsy or removing the entire lesion.

Education and prevention decrease your risk of developing cancer over time.  It is never too early to start protecting yourself or your loved ones.  We can discuss with you those unique things that increase your risk for skin cancer and what you can do to start decreasing that risk.