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Mohs Micrographic Surgery

With the only fellowship trained Mohs surgeon in the state of New York within 70 miles, we are excited to bring Mohs micrographic surgery to the Binghamton area and the Southern-Tier. Our location on Reynolds Rd across from the Oakdale Mall allows for convenient highway access from the East-West and from the North-South, with only 1 stoplight between the 201 exit and our office.

Multiple research studies have shown that Mohs surgery is the most effective method for removing certain types of skin cancers, in certain locations. Usually these are the cancers that have a higher risk for recurrence or are located in places without much extra skin to stitch together once the cancer has been removed such as the head/neck, hands/feet or shins.

With Mohs surgery, you remove the cancer with a narrow 1-2 mm margin. It is processed so that 100% of the peripheral margin and 100% of the deep margin is inspected under the microscope. And this is done in real-time so you know the results right then and there, and the process is repeated until no skin cancer is left. At the same time, because only a narrow margin is removed, the amount of skin removed and the subsequent scar is as small as possible.

Please see our related articles related to Mohs surgery to learn more, and ask your doctor if Mohs surgery is right for your skin cancer.