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When was your last skin check?

The most common place for men to develop melanoma is the back, for women, the most common location is the legs.
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One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime
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Most types of skin cancer develop as a result of a lifetime of sun exposure. It is never too early to practice sun protection.
Coming soon, Anew Dermatology & Mohs surgery
Bringing Mohs and specialty skin cancer surgery to Johnson City, Broome County and the Southern-Tier of Upstate New York!
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Every skin cancer is different and every patient has different needs, which is why everyone we see has an individualized treatment plan.
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Welcome, from everyone at Anew Dermatology, Skin Cancer & Reconstruction!

We are excited to be your skin cancer specialists and dermatologists.  We see patients of all types and ages who have concerns about their skin, but our focus is on treating skin cancer and pre-cancers.  There is currently an epidemic of skin cancer in the United States, with the rates of skin cancer diagnosis steadily increasing.  More disposable income, leisure time, outdoor activities, and a population that's living longer all likely contribute to the problem.  Particularly problematic is that skin cancers can often arise in locations that are difficult to monitor like the back for men, and legs for women.

Most of the patients we see for surgery already have a diagnosis of skin cancer or atypical mole from their doctor.  Their dermatologist takes care of their general skin care needs, does regular skin checks, does biopsies and treats rashes.  Sometimes, those biopsies show skin cancer, and when skin cancers are diagnosed that need more specialized types of surgery, we are there to assist.  These specialized types of surgery offer the highest cure rates, with the smallest scars.

Other patients who don't have a doctor to take care of their general dermatology needs may see us for not only their specialty surgical skin care, but also for their general dermatology needs.  Sub-specialty training in an ACMS and ACGME approved Mohs Micrographic Surgery & Cutaneous Oncology (skin cancer) fellowship requires full training in General Dermatology that results in board certification.  One of the cornerstones of skin cancer treatment is prevention and early detection of skin cancer.   That holds true if you have never had a prior skin cancer or if you have had many skin cancers in the past. 

One of the unique techniques we offer is called Mohs micrographic surgery.   There are many other techniques that try to mimic Mohs, but each of these other techniques are in fact different which leads to different resulting cure rates or scars.  You can find out more about Mohs below, and on other tabs of this webpage.